Open a franchise furniture and design store

Furniture and design: from magazines to our homes
Until a few years ago, furnishing a home with refined furnishings or design elements was fortunate that not everyone could afford. Today, with the advent of commercial chains and with the diffusion of design brands, having sophisticated furniture or possessing design objects is within the reach of many more people.

The attention dedicated to the furnishing of the home, offices or commercial spaces is receiving increasing attention, as evidenced by the success of magazines or TV broadcasts and social channels focused on this aspect. The number of signs and furniture and design brands has also increased over time: this is why opening a franchised furniture and design store could be a successful idea for your business project.

Open a furniture and design shop: the shops are not all the same
So far I have talked in general about design and furniture stores, but as you will imagine, not all furniture stores and brands are the same. The offer is really varied: in fact, it goes from the latest in design to the classic furniture shops , in poor art, in country or shabby chic style , with frequent mixtures of these styles. As you will have understood, the world of furniture is really very articulated: for this reason I suggest you to focus on a style or on a typology of furniture that you appreciate the most, in order to create an activity really in line with your interests.

From this point of view, franchising is a big help. In fact, there are many brands to choose from in these sectors and it will not be difficult for you to find the one that best represents your idea of ​​furniture or design. I’ve selected some for you, but I’ll talk about it in a few paragraphs. Now I want to focus instead on the requirements that you should have to open a franchising design or furniture store .

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