Open an MBE franchise: news and financial benefits

Who is and what does Mail Boxes Etc.
Mail Boxes Etc. was founded in 1980 in San Diego, California and, the first pilot center in Italy was born in 1993 in Milan, after the acquisition of the MBE brand by Graziano Fiorelli. Since 1993 the network has reached more than 500 Service Centers in Italy and over 2,500 Centers present in 44 countries thanks to the acquisition, in 2017, of two American companies with similar offers: AlphaGraphics and PostNet.

Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the largest Franchising Service Centers that deals with printing, communications, shipping, graphics, micro-logistics for both companies and individuals. In particular, MBE centers are managed by independent entrepreneurs who are constantly supported by a team of experts, in order to offer their customers, mainly composed of small and medium-sized companies, support for the development of their business.

Open an MBE Franchise: the new facilities provided
On the occasion of the 33rd Milan Franchising Exhibition, the MBE will announce a new agreement with Banco BPM that will give the possibility to those who intend to open an MBE Service Center to be able to request subsidized loans to start the business. Thanks to this agreement, it will therefore be possible to request financing on favorable terms in order to open a Service Center as well as having the possibility of contacting the bank and having an appointment in which solutions will be proposed in reference to the arrangements agreed between the bank and MBE. This type of product is called Flexible Unsecured Financing and will meet the needs of the MBE Franchisees through customized solutions that can be summarized, for example, in the structure of the amortization plan, the installments and the day of the month in which to charge them.

“ Thanks to the agreement with Banco BPM, the MBE Franchisees will be able to request, on favorable terms, financing products deemed suitable for the financial support of investments related to the Service Centers of our Network. They will also have the opportunity to contact the bank directly and quickly obtain an appointment with the most convenient branch, where the various possible solutions will be presented based on the specific arrangements agreed between MBE and the bank “, explains Fabrizio Mantovani, Business Development & Support MBE Director.

In addition to this new agreement, Mail Boxes Etc. had previously signed other agreements in support of both the already operating centers and the new affiliates, which concerned subsidized loans with an unsecured loan and with Grenke , a product that allows affiliated entrepreneurs to hire the assets for the preparation of the Center instead of buying them. Also, on this occasion we will be presented the development plans throughout the country as well as the characteristics of Franchising Mail Boxes Etc .

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